Pedesting App Revolutionizes Accessibility with Detailed Indoor Navigation and Inclusive Building Features

image with light blue background and the word pedesting in orange. Below it are illustrations of a few people - a person in a wheelchair, a couple with a stroller, person with crutches, a person with a walker, a pregnant woman, and another person in a wheelchair with their right hand raised.

Pedesting is a groundbreaking app developed by Nabeel Ramji, who, despite his rare form of cerebral palsy, has navigated significant challenges to create a solution for individuals with disabilities facing barriers in public spaces. Ramji’s personal journey, from a childhood with limited speech and mobility to becoming a University of Calgary graduate and a successful professional in real estate, inspired the creation of Pedesting.

During his schooling, Ramji faced substantial obstacles due to his condition. He couldn’t initially speak and relied on a communication board to convey his needs. However, his father, Zul, a retired family physician, was determined to provide Ramji with the best education possible, pushing for his integration into a public school. This dedication led to interventions like a game-changing surgery at age 7 that allowed Ramji to speak.

At the university level, Ramji encountered increased challenges with accessibility. He found it difficult to access suitable washrooms and required assistance to perform everyday tasks due to the lack of accessibility in many buildings. His firsthand experiences navigating these hurdles were instrumental in motivating him to create Pedesting.

The app’s primary focus is on indoor navigation within buildings, providing detailed information such as accessible washrooms, room locations, ramps for wheelchairs, and exits. It aims to alleviate the anxiety and challenges faced by individuals with disabilities when navigating public spaces, fostering confidence and independence.

The app’s development involves a collaborative effort between Ramji, architects, city officials, and experts. Utilizing Google Maps for outdoor navigation and an inertial navigation system for indoor guidance, Pedesting sets itself apart by offering more precise and structured data for its users.

At the core of Pedesting lies Ramji’s personal journey and his determination to overcome accessibility challenges faced during his education. By focusing on indoor navigation and building accessibility, Pedesting strives to create more inclusive public spaces, catering not only to individuals with disabilities but to anyone seeking effortless navigation in various environments. Pedesting is also campaigning in the city of Calgary to bring awareness to the local communities and encourage individuals, organizations, and local businesses to volunteer and collaborate with them.

Do check out the source link to learn more about Nabeel Ramji and his experiences that led to the creation of this app. If you or someone you know is interested in signing up for beta testing the Pedesting app, get the links for iOS or Android from Pedesting’s website.

Source: Calgary Herald

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