Detailed Voice Guidance In Google Maps Makes Walking For Blind People Much Easier

People with vision impairment who are also Google Maps users are in for a nice surprise! Starting October 10, which was also World Sight Day, Google announced a new update to Google Maps that will provide more detailed voice guidance and verbal announcements while walking from point A to point B.

This feature will provide a lot more confidence to blind people while navigating busy streets and areas. While walking, Google Maps will proactively tell the user if they are on the correct route, the direction the person is walking in, distance from the next turn, etc. If a person misses their turn, Google Maps will announce that it is re-routing the person. Through this detailed voice guidance, people with vision impairment can not only navigate in a “screen free” way with ease,  they can also explore places they have not been to before.

Currently, this feature is rolled out in the US and Japan in English and Japanese respectively on iOS and Android. Roll out for other languages is on the way.

Watch the following video to learn more about voice guidance in maps.

Detailed voice guidance can be turned on by going to Settings, Navigation (under walking Options)

Source: Google

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