The Logo

Assistive Technology Blog logo
The logo for this blog was designed by my dear friend Andrew Kingsbury, who is an exceptionally talented Graphic Designer and artist. Rather than creating something literal related to assistive technology (a wheelchair, for example) for the logo, he took a more philosophical approach, and created a logo that shows progression in one’s life when it comes to accessibility. Andrew explains the concept below in his own words.
“When trying to find examples of assistive technology I realized just how vast that definition is. It seems to cover things big and small, high tech and low tech, and people with many different disabilities and needs. It became apparent to me that the logo should be more conceptual and symbolic rather than something literal (like it depicting a literal wheel chair or someone with a walking cane, etc.) 
I started to form an idea while thinking about assistive technology and seeing how many different ideas and gadgets were out there. My idea was that assistive technology isn’t necessarily about what device or gadget you are using but rather the idea that you are transforming how you live or how you do a task by this technology. It’s a progression from not being able to do something (or do it well) to getting assistance and then to being able to do a task well. The task could be big or small and the gadget could be very expensive or just an object that you already have at home. The transformation and progression is still the same. 
Conceptually I thought this idea would work best as sort of a timeline. As the user moves through their life, the assistive technology is there to seamlessly help them live better and transform. It’s a gradual process that keeps improving their life and that they keep getting better at over time. It’s around them but not obstructing their path forward.”