New Google Accessibility Features & Updates Aim To Improve Daily Tasks For People With Disabilities

image shows three different screens from new features announced by google recently.

Google is introducing a range of new accessibility features and updates to improve daily tasks for people with disabilities, including identifying disabled-owned businesses, enhancing screen reader capabilities, offering accessible walking routes, providing wheelchair-accessible information, and customizing Assistant Routines. They are also expanding features like typo detection in the Chrome address bar and introducing an app called Magnifier for Pixel devices. Below are some quick highlights but make sure to check the source link to get all the details.

Identify Disabled-Owned Businesses

Google Maps and Search now offer a new identity attribute for businesses to self-identify as disabled-owned, providing more information to customers.

screenshot of legrand coffee house shown on google maps. at the bottom are three new icons - "identified as disabled owned", "identified as black owned", and "lgbtq+ friendly

Enhanced Lens in Maps

 Screen reader capabilities are being added to Lens in Maps for better accessibility, starting with iOS and later for Android users.

Accessible Walking Routes

Google Maps now provides stair-free walking routes globally on iOS and Android for wheelchair users and those with other mobility needs.

Wheelchair-Accessible Information

Wheelchair-accessible information is being made available on business and place pages for greater confidence when traveling.

Customizable Assistant Routines

Assistant Routines can be customized with different styles, images, and shortcut sizes, benefiting people with cognitive differences and disabilities.

three screens showing various options through which assistant routines can be customized bow using different styles, images and shortcut sizes.

Chrome Address Bar

The Chrome browser’s typo detection feature is expanding to Android and iOS, helping users find content more efficiently.

Magnifier App

A camera-based app called Magnifier is introduced for Pixel 5 and up, allowing users to zoom in on various objects and adjust settings for better visibility.

Guided Frame Update

Guided Frame, an accessibility feature for taking photos, is improved to recognize more than just faces and is available on select Pixel devices.

Source: Google

This blog was written mostly using chatGPT, a potential tool for increased accessibility. Do you think this is an appropriate use of chatGPT? Why or why not? Let me know!

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