Be My Eyes Introduces New AI Powered “Virtual Volunteer” To Provide Enhanced Support To Blind Users

A woman, displayed in a circle, is shown pointing her phone to a box she is holding in her hand. Another person, presumably a sighted volunteer, is sitting in a chair looking at her phone, implying she is helping the other woman.

The last few months have been abuzz with news about GPT-3, an artificial intelligence model created by a company called OpenAI that answers all sorts of questions in a conversational way. Recently, OpenAI released a more advanced version of this model called GPT-4 that can solve difficult problems with greater accuracy and has much more broader problem solving abilities. Be My Eyes, the app that enables blind users to get questions answered with the help of sighted volunteers, will be integrating the power of GPT-4 into its services.

Whenever a Be My Eyes user needs help, they get access to a sighted volunteer through the app who is able to answer questions regarding their immediate surrounding. (The user turn on their rear camera for the volunteer to see their surrounding)The video below shows how the app currently works with sighted volunteers.

The new feature, called “Virtual Volunteer” will bring in GPT-4’s powerful image to text generator which will answer any questions regarding the photo including follow up questions. Users will be able to take a photo of any object or their physical surrounding and expect a prompt response back from this feature. If Virtual Volunteer is unable to, the user will be connected to a sighted volunteer. Be My Eyes thinks this feature not only provides enhanced support to blind users, but also offers businesses to better serve their customers by prioritizing accessibility.

The company has been closely listening to its users’ feedback and working hard to find the right technology to serve their best needs. Currently, Virtual Volunteer is being tested by a small group of testers but this feature will be made available to everyone later this year. Users can join the waitlist through the app itself.

Watch the video below to learn more about the upcoming Virtual Volunteer.

Source: Be My Eyes

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