Be My Eyes: App That Lets Blind People Get Answers From Sighted People

We very well know that blind people are self sufficient and independent, and can go about their daily lives without much interruption. However, there are rare instances when they need assistance from someone else. 
What’s the expiry date on the milk carton in my fridge? Do I have mismatched socks? Does this can have kidney beans or chick peas? Are these tomatoes or extremely ripe avocados?
It helps when someone’s around but what if a blind person is by themselves?
To help blind people in such situations, a new iOS app, “Be My Eyes” lets them interact with another sighted person from anywhere in the world and ask questions similar to the ones listed above!
The concept is very simple. Blind people and sighted people register for this app. Blind people to ask questions and sighted people to answer them. Whenever a blind person has a question, they open the app and look for the first sighted person who offers to help. Sighted people, on the other hand, get notified that someone is seeking help. If someone is available to help, they accept the request. If they are not – no worries. There are tons of people out there who would grab that request. (13,000 people helpers signed up in just over a day to help 1,145 blind users). All the blind user has to do is turn on their rear camera and point it at the object they have a question about.The result: the blind user gets their question answered and everybody lives happily ever after!

It doesn’t matter where they are – they  can be in one part of the world and still receive help from someone an ocean away!
The app also has a reputation system – the sighted people who are helping build a reputation based on their responses. If someone tries to be clever and gives wrong responses, they are flagged by the system and ousted within no time. So if you are trying to play a prank on a blind person – beware!
The app is free and has already received more than 2,000 requests. If you or someone you know is blind, you may want to definitely take advantage of this unique yet free app.
Download app here.
Website: Be My Eyes
Source: Engadget

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