Puzzle Game Tint Combines Colors And Patterns For Color Blind Players

Tint is a beautiful and fun game on Apple Arcade that involves mixing colors to achieve milestones and finish puzzles. Since colors play the most important role in this game, it means that anyone playing needed to be able to identify every color correctly.

It also means that some 300 million people around the world, who had some form of color blindness, couldn’t play this game.

In order to correct this shortcoming, the developers added another element to the game that maintained the aesthetics of the game while making the game accessible to a larger audience – patterns. In color-blind mode, a specific pattern appeared for each color, enabling players to mix the right colors in order to finish the puzzle. Just like the colors, the patterns blend together harmoniously too. For example, the color blue gets the squares pattern and yellow gets circles. When you mix the two colors, you get green with a pattern that has circles inside squares.

By simply combining colors with patterns, the game can be enjoyed by a wider audience. We can certainly implement something similar when we use colors in our presentations, reports or any other artifact that requires graphics!

Source: Apple

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