Tommy Edison: What’s It Like To Be Blind

There are two reasons why someone wouldn’t know who Tommy Edison is – 1) They’ve been living under a rock, or 2) They don’t use the Internet AT ALL.
Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, is a movie critic. He watches movies but cannot see what’s going on. That’s why his focus is always on the writing and acting. But that’s not all he does, and this post is not about his movie reviews.
If you’ve ever wanted to know how blind people lead their lives, then you should not miss Tommy’s Youtube channel. He has videos that show him doing everything that a sighted person does, but because  he is blind, seeing him perform regular tasks with extra struggles which sometimes result in catastrophes, puts everything in perspective.
How does he use a DVD player? ATM Machine? How does he cook? How does he use paper money? How does he cross the road? What does he see in his dreams?
These are things that we do on a daily basis, but never really pay too much attention to the effort involved in performing them. For a blind person however, there are extra things that they need to take care of, especially in the public.
Recently he explained what colors mean to him. Although he has never seen colors in his entire life, they still have meaning for him. He associates colors with certain things, and it’s amazing to see how what colors to us are what they are not to him.

Check out his Youtube channel to understand how blind people lead their lives, and to understand the difference between how blind and sighted people function.
Tommy’s Youtube channel: TommyEdisonXP
His website: Blindfilmcritic
Source: Gizmodo
PS: There’s one question that I have been asked by quite a number of people – how do blind people use smart phones? 
Well, I think nobody can answer that better than Tommy himself. 

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