Tablift: Tablet Stand Provides Relief & Relaxation To People With Disabilities

a woman using tablift with a tablet in bed

Tablift is a low tech assistive technology device that can provide relief and relaxation to people with disabilities by giving them the ability to use tablets in a “hands-free” manner.

Tablift works well with any brand of tablet and even smartphones. In the unboxing video below, you’ll see what the product looks like and many of the different ways it can be put to use, be it as a tablet stand while sitting or laying in bed or couch, as an accessory that allows your tablet to be used as a secondary monitor without hurting your neck, and even as a selfie stand! Even though Tablift is meant for tablets, it seemed to work very well with phones too, as shown in the video.

Tablift can be especially helpful as an assistive technology device for people with a range of disabilities. For example, the legs of the stand are pliable which make it very accommodating for those who need their devices at varying positions and angles. Additionally, its patented design allows it to stand on both stable and unstable surfaces. This video provides a sneak peak of a person using this stand on the couch, at a desk, out on the patio, and even in bed.  

Another feature that is showcased in this video, is how easy it is to secure your device to the stand. The design allows users to place their device on top of the stand and fasten it with a flexible cord in a single motion. As an assistive technology device, this simplistic design is significant for those who would find it difficult or impossible to complete a more complex or intricate process.

After trying it out, I feel confident saying that Tablift is a worthy item for your attention. If you or someone you know could benefit from this thoughtfully designed, flexible, and easy to use stand, you can find it at, Amazon, and other retailers. Tablift retails at $39.95 at the time of writing this article.

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