Is Ikea’s New Project That Makes Its Existing Products Accessible

image shows 9 different low tech accessibility products that work with existing ikea products. these are: glass bumper, mega switch, easy handle, insider, pop up handle, couch lift, friendly zipper, curtain zipper, cane by me.

In order to help people with disabilities use its products much more comfortably and independently, and to foray into inclusion, Ikea recently launched the “ThisAbles” project that includes a line of low tech assistive technology devices that bridges gaps between existing Ikea products and the needs of people with disabilities. These products, like the Mega Switch that can be used to turn on and off a lamp without the need for precise use of fingers, can be easily printed by consumers on a 3D printer at their own convenience. There are 13 such products available that cater to people with disabilities related to vision, mobility and hand functions.

Visit for more information and to learn about these new developments as well as existing products suitable for people with disabilities.

Make sure to watch these quick videos to see some of the products in action.


  1. I really enjoyed this post. Of course there is no getting around the need to buy special equipment for people with mobility issues, but I appreciate that IKEA has thought of simple ways to modify their products to make the home even more comfortable.

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