Warner Bros. Studio Tour London Partners with Guide Dogs to Enhance Accessibility for Visually Impaired Visitors

A guide dog puppy, wearing a training vest, sits attentively in the middle of Diagon Alley at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. The vibrant, whimsical storefronts of the Harry Potter-themed set create a magical backdrop.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London has announced a year-long partnership with the charity Guide Dogs to improve accessibility for blind or visually impaired visitors. As part of this collaboration, the Studio Tour has sponsored three guide dog puppies named Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and will receive updates on their progress. This partnership aims to set a standard for inclusivity in UK visitor attractions and inspire similar changes across the industry.

A key component of this partnership is the training that Guide Dogs will provide to the Studio Tour staff. The training includes online resources and in-person sessions, teaching staff best practices for assisting visually impaired guests. Topics covered will include how to approach and guide someone with sight loss, navigate narrow or busy spaces, and use descriptive techniques to enhance the visitor experience. Staff will also learn how to safely guide guests and understand the importance of all senses in bringing the experience to life.

Additionally, the Studio Tour has made various improvements to enhance accessibility, such as creating a designated toilet space for guide dogs and introducing iPads to magnify signage for visually impaired visitors. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London will display Guide Dogs’ ‘Open Doors’ stickers to signify their commitment to accessibility. This partnership reflects a significant step towards making the Studio Tour and the wider UK attractions industry more welcoming and accessible for visitors with sight loss. For more details on the partnership, visitors can check the Studio Tour’s website.

Source: London World

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