Wheely-X: A Revolutionary Exercise and Gaming Device for Wheelchair Users

The image features an individual in a wheelchair using a specialized treadmill designed for wheelchair users, called the Wheely-X. The user, who is bald and wearing glasses along with a sleeveless sports top, is in motion, with one arm extended backward, suggesting dynamic movement. In front of him, there is a tablet mounted on a stand, likely displaying an app or game that interacts with the treadmill. The treadmill itself has bright orange stripes on a dark surface, which contrasts with the minimalist and bright background of the room. This setup appears to be designed for both exercise and entertainment, potentially for use in a home or a rehabilitation center.

The Wheely-X, a new device showcased by Korean startup Kangsters at CES 2024, offers a unique solution for wheelchair users seeking to exercise. This innovative product integrates a treadmill designed specifically for wheelchairs with a mobile app, allowing users to control speed and direction through gestures. The Wheely-X, equipped with two sets of steel rollers and ramps, securely holds the wheelchair in place while allowing independent movement of each wheel. Its compact design and ease of disassembly make it a convenient option for home use.

Apart from its fitness capabilities, the Wheely-X stands out for its integration with gaming. Users can connect the device to a computer and monitor to play various exercise video games. These games range from wheelchair racing against NPCs to more challenging activities like navigating an avatar over ice or first-person bike racing. This feature not only makes exercising more engaging but also adds a fun and competitive element to the workout routine.

Kangsters envisions the Wheely-X as a step towards mainstreaming wheelchair gaming and disabled esports, viewing mobility challenges as opportunities for innovative solutions. Priced at $2,595, the Wheely-X is a significant investment, but its potential to help wheelchair users stay fit while enjoying gaming experiences justifies the cost. The device has been praised for its ingenuity and is considered one of the most innovative products at CES 2024.

Other Fitness Options For Wheelchair Users

There are several devices similar to the Wheely-X that provide exercise opportunities for wheelchair users. The Invictus Active Trainer is one such device that allows users to exercise using their wheelchair. It simulates the experience of pushing on the road and can help improve fitness, balance, and strength. It’s lightweight, easy to move and transport, and suitable for all manual wheelchairs and users of varying abilities and fitness goals.

Another innovative piece of equipment is the YouBike, which offers both arm and leg training. This device can be used by people with a wide range of disabilities, including those who are in wheelchair or bedridden. It’s portable, foldable, and can be used for cardiovascular training, helping to maintain heart health.

For those looking for a more advanced system, the Berkel Bike combines an arm and leg bike with Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) to help individuals who have leg paralysis to cycle. This device can be used both indoors and outdoors and offers different models for various needs, including rehabilitation and sports activities.

Lastly, Living Spinal offers a variety of wheelchair rollers and treadmills that are compatible with wheelchairs. These devices are designed to be easy to use, with options for collapsible storage and smart, weight-adjustable models that cater to specific fitness requirements.

Each of these devices has unique features that cater to different needs, whether for general fitness, intensive rehabilitation, or both.

Source: Tom’s Guide, The Accessible Planet

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