CES 2024 Launches GyroGlove: A Wearable Device to Stabilize Hand Tremors

The image features an older woman with short grey hair, smiling. She is wearing a bright pink jacket and is GyroGlove. In the background, there are people and booths at CES2024.

CES 2024 in Las Vegas introduced a new wearable device, the GyroGlove, which is designed to counteract hand tremors using advanced gyroscopic technology. This glove has been particularly beneficial for individuals like Roberta Wilson-Garrett, who lives with Parkinson’s Disease. The glove helps stabilize the hand, making daily tasks like buttoning a shirt or holding a cup of coffee easier. Despite its initial effectiveness, one incident highlighted its necessity when Wilson-Garrett spilled her coffee after forgetting to wear the glove.

The GyroGlove is composed of a fabric glove, a gyroscope in the stabilization module, and a battery pack on the forearm. Designed to be user-friendly for people with hand tremors, it still proved challenging for the author, who did not have tremors, to fully assess its effectiveness. The device weighs approximately 1.27 pounds and includes features like large buttons and a clear display screen for ease of use. Despite its weight, long-term users like Wilson-Garrett find it comfortable for all-day wear and adapt to its presence over time.

The GyroGlove, while beneficial, comes with a hefty price tag of $5,899, although a limited-time sale offers a $1,000 discount. It is registered as a medical device with the FDA and the Australian TGA, and discussions are underway to potentially have it covered by insurance in the U.S. Although it’s not a replacement for medication or other treatments, its availability marks a significant step in assisting people with hand tremors. The company aims to refine future versions for enhanced stabilization and reduced size.

Head to GyroGlove’s YouTube to see more user testimonial videos.

Source: Engadget

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