AT Crossword #10: Your Sunday AT Crossword Puzzle

extreme close up of someone's hand. They are holding a pencil and filling up clues on a crossword puzzle.

Welcome to the fascinating world of prosthetics, bionic limbs, and accessibility! This crossword puzzle is a celebration of innovation and empowerment, featuring clues that delve into the remarkable realm of artificial limbs, cutting-edge technology, and the tools that enhance mobility and independence. From the names of influential figures in the field to the materials used in crafting these marvels, this puzzle invites you to uncover the vocabulary associated with prosthetics and bionic limbs. Let’s embark on this journey of discovery and enlightenment as we solve this crossword, showcasing the ingenuity and advancements that make a significant impact on the lives of many. Enjoy the challenge and dive into the world of prosthetic innovation!

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