Morgan’s Wonderland Unveils $6 Million Expansion for 2024: New Attractions and Enhanced Accessibility

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Morgan’s Wonderland, an inclusive park in San Antonio, TX, is set to undergo its largest expansion ever, with four new attractions and upgrades throughout the park. This $6 million expansion will be ready for the 2024 season. The park has welcomed 2.7 million guests from all over the world and is now refreshing and expanding to offer new experiences. The new additions include a 4D Cinema in Sensory Village, a passenger boat ride on a fishing lake, the Rocket’s Sky Flight Adventure zip line, and Jette’s Wonder Bikes. These attractions are designed to be fully accessible to people with disabilities.

The 4D Cinema in Sensory Village will provide a roller coaster-like experience for riders in wheelchairs, featuring unique motion effects and custom video screens. The passenger boat ride offers cruises on an eight-acre fishing lake, accessible from a new pier. The Rocket’s Sky Flight Adventure zip line is the first of its kind, accommodating riders with disabilities and space for medical gear. Jette’s Wonder Bikes allow riders to pedal or use hand cranks for a unique circular flying experience. The park is also upgrading its food areas and facilities.

Morgan’s Wonderland, founded by Gordon Hartman, was created to address challenges for people with special needs and is open to people of all ages and disabilities. The expansion aims to make the park even more inclusive and enjoyable for all visitors, aligning with the park’s mission of providing an ultra-accessible experience. The park will be closed for four months following a Halloween celebration, but arrangements for a holiday experience outside the park are being made for members and season pass holders.

The Story of Morgan’s Wonderland

In 2010, the world’s first Ultra-accessible fully inclusive nonprofit theme park, Morgan’s Wonderland, opened its doors. It has welcomed nearly 2 million people from 122 countries and all 50 states. Covering 25 acres, the park offers wheelchair-accessible rides, attractions, and activities, fostering an inclusive atmosphere and a culture of kindness. Morgan Hartman is the inspiration behind this park, which welcomes people of all abilities.

Inclusive Playground and Inspiration

Morgan’s Wonderland is a place where everyone can play together and gain a better understanding of one another. Guests with special needs are always admitted free of charge, and the park symbolizes the butterfly, inspiring others to take flight.

Morgan’s Inspiration Island

In 2017, Morgan’s Inspiration Island, a $7 million 3-acre splash park, opened, designed to unite people of all abilities. It features five tropically themed splash pads, a Riverboat Adventure ride, and a wheelchair valet system. This park allows guests in wheelchairs to enjoy the splash park without risking damage to their personal wheelchairs.

Morgan Sports Complex, Camp, and Mac

Morgan Sports, a 3-acre Ultra-accessible Sports Complex completed in 2020, offers various sports facilities for athletes of all ages and abilities, including softball fields, tennis courts, pickleball courts, a soccer field, and a basketball court. In 2021, Morgan’s Camp, a 102-acre recreational oasis, was created to provide an ultra-accessible camping experience, including activities like swimming, ziplining, rock wall climbing, and a challenge course, all specially designed for people of all abilities. Morgan’s Mac, the multi-assistant center, addresses the many issues individuals with disabilities face by coordinating comprehensive care and services.

Morgan’s Mac offers a revolutionary concept that helps individuals with disabilities by providing a single point of contact called a navigator. The navigator conducts a comprehensive evaluation of members and develops a plan of treatment based on healthcare, therapy services, and social service needs, coordinating their care between community service providers.

Comprehensive Care Model

More than 30 community-based organizations have joined Morgan’s Mac to create a comprehensive and collaborative care model organized and tracked by a navigator. The goal is to help individuals with disabilities reach their full potential and ease the burden on caregivers. Morgan’s Wonderland, Morgan’s Inspiration Island, and Morgan’s Mac prove that it’s possible for people of all abilities to enjoy life side by side. Morgan’s Mac aims to provide a community of overall care, inspiring other communities to follow suit.

Source: KSAT

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