Dancing Around the Oak Tree: Empowering San Diego’s Disabled Artists

Vickie Lawrence, founder of Dancing Around the Oak Tree Art Studio, n East Village on Thursday, Sept. 7, 2023

Vickie Lawrence, the founder of Dancing Around the Oak Tree Art Studio, is on a mission to provide arts education and support to San Diego’s disabled community. Established in 2014, this nonprofit organization offers a safe and supportive space for individuals with disabilities to explore their creative sides. Vickie’s inspiration for starting the studio came from her own positive experiences with art and the belief that everyone, regardless of their abilities, should have the opportunity to express themselves creatively.

The studio’s name, “Dancing Around the Oak Tree,” reflects Vickie’s passions for nature, dance, and art, encapsulating the essence of her life journey. Her commitment to serving the disabled community in San Diego stems from a desire to fill a gap in arts education for this underserved group. Vickie believes that art can be a powerful outlet for personal expression and healing, which is why she focuses on offering free art classes and workshops to disabled individuals.

Dancing Around the Oak Tree provides a variety of art classes, including painting on canvas, writing skills, jewelry making, and more. These classes not only nurture artistic skills but also aid in the development of coping skills. For instance, beadwork classes help participants manage stress by creating bracelets for their loved ones. The studio creates a comfortable environment for socialization and encourages students to explore different mediums and projects that bring them joy.

Vickie Lawrence’s work extends beyond art instruction; it aims to educate the general public about the talents and capabilities of artists with disabilities. Through her studio, she demonstrates that artists with disabilities are fully capable of producing incredible artwork with the right support and encouragement. Her journey has taught her the importance of persistence, belief in oneself, and the value of continuous learning, which she incorporates into her work at Dancing Around the Oak Tree. Ultimately, Vickie’s dedication to her mission has been rewarding, as she continues to meet and uplift new artists within San Diego’s disabled community.

Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune


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