Wired for Motion: Innovative Nerve Rewiring Lets Amputees Control Bionic Hand Naturally

a new bionic hand that allows users with arm amputations to control each finger naturally and effortlessly.

Researchers have developed a groundbreaking new bionic hand that allows unprecedented control and natural movement for amputees. The hand uses a new technique called neuromuscular reconstruction, where nerves in the residual limb are rewired to control individual fingers. This enables intricate finger movements like typing or picking up small objects.

The hand also has a more comfortable titanium bone attachment, unlike typical socket attachments. It was successfully tested on a patient with an above-elbow amputation, who could control it easily right away and perform various functions. This is considered a major leap forward for prosthetic limbs.

The research was led by Professor Max Ortiz Catalan in Sweden, in collaboration with surgeons, engineers and experts. Nearly 60 million people live with amputations globally, so devices like this bionic hand provide new hope for restoring function. In conclusion, this innovative technology represents an exciting development in bionics that could greatly improve quality of life for amputees. More natural, intuitive control opens up new possibilities.

Watch the video below and hit the source link to learn more about this new bionic hand.

Source: Euronews

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