New Airplane Seat Concept Folds To Accommodate Wheelchair Users And Make Flying A Lot More Accessible

new delta seat concept that folds to accommodate a wheelchair

Delta Flight Products (DFP), a subsidiary of Delta Airlines, has revealed a new airplane seat concept that allows wheelchair users to remain in their own chairs throughout a flight.

This concept seamlessly and stylishly converts to and from a traditional airplane seat, with a built-in seat that folds up to accommodate a wheelchair. It also does not require any structural changes to the aircraft and can be installed into pre-existing seat track systems. This design would be a low-cost modification and the wheelchair version would likely be priced similarly to standard domestic first class seats.

This new design is seen as a major step towards inclusivity and accessibility in air travel for people with disabilities, and has generated significant interest among wheelchair users. It could potentially enter commercial use within 18 months if it passes testing and is adopted by airlines.

The seat was developed in collaboration with the Air4All consortium, which includes PriestmanGoode, Flying Disabled, SWS Certification, and Sunrise Medical.

Source: CNN Travel

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