Project Gameface Is Google’s Hands Free Gaming Mouse Designed To Make Gaming More Accessible

Lance Carr sitting in front of his gaming computer

Project Gameface is a promising new project by Google that is designed to make gaming more accessible in the future.

Inspired by Lance Carr, a quadriplegic video game streamer, Project Gameface is a hands free gaming mouse that enables people to control their computer cursor with their head movement and facial gestures including raised eyebrows to click and drop, and opening their mouth to move the cursor. Lance has been a gamer for a long time and has used head tracking mouse to control his cursor while gaming. In 2021, Lance’s house caught on fire as he was gaming one night, and he lost all of his gaming equipment in the fire, including his expensive head tracking mouse.

Inspired by Lance’s story, Google decided to work with him to co-design a hands-free gaming mouse that simply uses a computer’s webcam. This mouse uses machine learning to identify head movements and facial gestures. This mouse also provides the ability to set a “gesture size” to indicate how prominent their gesture needs to be to trigger an action.

To contribute to this project and use it while it’s in development, visit Project Gameface’s GitHub repository

Source: Google

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