Estée Lauder’s Voice-Enabled Makeup Assistant (VMA) App Provides Makeup Feedback To People With Visual Impairment

A woman is holding a lipstick in her right hand and a phone in her left. The phone has the VMA app open with the text

Applying makeup can be challenging for folks with visual impairment and many times, they have to reply on others to make sure their makeup is right. To help make this process easy without depending on others, Estée Lauder Companies recently launched a voice enabled app that can provide guidance and direction when a person applies makeup.

Called the Voice-enabled Makeup Assistant (VMA), the app uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence to analyze the user’s makeup and provides them feedback on coverage, uniformity, and boundaries of application with their lipstick, eyeshadow or foundation and also tells them specific areas that could be touched up.

six screenshots from the VMA app showing how it provides feedback and direction on applied makeup.

This free app was tested with people from various ethnicities before it was released on the iOS App Store in the UK and will be made available in North America and other regions sometime later in 2023. The Android version is also expected to be released in 2023.

VMA is designed to work with any brand, not just Estée Lauder with future versions of this app expected to have tutorials, specific looks to choose from, and in-app purchases.

More cosmetics companies are making their products and services inclusive for people with disabilities. L’Oréal recently announced a lipstick applicator for people with limited arm mobility.

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Source: Vogue Business, The Estée Lauder Companies

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