Guided Frame Is A New Android Camera Feature That Enables Visually Impaired Users To Take Good Selfies

close up of a person holding their phone in their hand with the screen facing them. Guided Frame is enabled and it has a circle around their face indicating a well framed selfie

Google recently announced a new feature on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro that will enable users with visual impairment to take better selfies! This new feature, called “Guided Frame”, is a voice coach that guides the user to move their phone up, down or to the sides so their face is well positioned in the frame and even take the photo for the user.

With a smart camera in practically everyone’s hands, selfies provide a way for people to express themselves in various ways. Many visually impaired users are unable to take selfies because they cannot frame themselves correctly. Guided Frame provides a camera experience that’s inclusive and enables visually impaired to take good selfies and have fun with them. To turn on Guided Frame, one has to enable TalkBack and then use the Google camera app to take selfies.

Let’s hope that this feature comes to all Android phones very soon and Apple follows suit and introduces this feature in iPhones too!

Source: Pocket-lint

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