Magnaready’s Clothes Are Great For Disabled People Who Are Unable To Self-Dress

a woman in a wheelchair wearing the

Putting on clothes can sometimes already seem like an arduous day-to-day task. Adding on limited dexterity and mobility for those with disabilities, it then becomes stressful and can drive a person to lose their dignified independence by asking for help with this daily task.

Don Horton, a college football coach, found himself struggling to button his shirt one day because of Parkinson’s disease at an early age. Limited mobility is one of the side effects associated with Parkinson’s, and as someone who traveled regularly for business, his inability to dress himself up made him anxious. This is when Maura Horton, his wife, came up with a way to help him with his daily challenge. By adding magnets to the shirt, she created a product that brought back independence in his daily routine.That’s how Magnaready, the adaptive clothing line, was born in 2013.

image shows a man wearing a magnaready shirt. Different parts of the shirt are labeled as follows:
1. hidden patented magnetic closure
2. Wrinkle resistant fabric
3. Washer and dryer friendly
4.Magnetic cuffs

MagnaReady clothing products consider usability and functionality for those who have disabilities like Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, and those who have experienced strokes. Whether it be the hidden patented magnetic closure systems, pull loops, or stretch waistbands, MagnaReady provides a classic and stylish look without compromising comfort and ease while dressing.

MagnaReady’s extensive line of clothing has everything for everyone, be it casual clothing, activewear or sleepwear – from shirts & polos and pants to tops, dresses, sweaters and bottoms. If you go to MagnaReady’s website, you can also shop by needs – Parkinson’s clothing, Arthritis clothing, Multiple sclerosis solutions, easy closure options, and wheelchair products.

If you have someone who needs more independence and convenience while dressing up, Magnaready may be the best option for them. Look at their entire catalog at

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