Mock Airplane Cabin At MSP Airport Helps Travelers With Disabilities Travel More Confidently

Mock airplane at the Travel Confidently MSP Education Center

Recently, the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) unveiled the “travel Confidently MSP Education Center” at the Minneapolis/ St. Paul airport that has a mock airplane cabin to help build confidence in travelers through pre-flight experiences. One of the notable features of this center is the Navigating MSP Program which provides flyers with sensory, physical or cognitive disabilities and those with a fear of flying with a place to practice boarding a flight. It also gives service dogs an opportunity to get familiar with an aircraft cabin.

There are several travelers whose circumstances present unique challenges and programs like this not only help them prepare to travel confidently but also pave the path for building travel equity. 

Reservations for the pre-flight experiences can be made through the Navigating MSP Program website which also has other resources to help Autistic children navigate airports and flights.

Source: MAC

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