Sony A7 IV Camera Has A Built-In Screen Reader for Photographers With Visual Impairment

Sony a7 IV camera

There are several blind photographers out there (like Bruce Hall) who use their cameras not just for taking photos but also looking at objects in their immediate surroundings. Just because they use their cameras regularly does not mean they can navigate their camera menus easily.

The Sony A7 IV plans to change that with its built in screen reader for its menu. Once turned on, the A7 IV can read aloud digital text on the camera’s display, allowing blind users to interact with the camera menu much easily. The screen reader options can be accessed from Menu->Setup->Accessibility->Screen Reader. Here, you can toggle the screen reader on or off as well as set the speed and volume at which the menu options will be read aloud.

Even though the current screen reader is not perfect (it does not read everything – the Quick Menu, for example), it is still a great inclusion and sets the right precedence for other manufacturers to follow.

Learn more about the built-in screen reader in the video below.

Source: Digital Photography Review

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