Android 13 Will Have Out Of The Box Support For Refreshable Braille Displays

A blind person seen using a braille display with his phone

Many Braille literate blind and deafblind users use refreshable braille displays with their Android devices to touch-read and type out braille dots that represent text. Usually, people connect their Android devices using the BrailleBack app which is a separate download or use a virtual keyboard within Talkback instead of a physical device.

In the upcoming Android 13 Beta, which should be available to users in the next few weeks, Google is providing out of the box support for Braille displays within Talkback, Android’s screen reader. With this new update, there will be no need for additional downloads to use most Braille displays. For example, users will be able to use display buttons to navigate their screen, compose emails, make phone calls, send text messages or read books There will be shortcuts for scrolling/moving to the next character, word or line as well as for editing documents – like jumping to the end of documents or selecting, copying, and pasting.

Watch the video below to learn more about this upcoming out of the box support for Braille displays and other accessibility features and services in Android 13.

Sign up for the Android beta program to try Talkback 13 when it is released to the public.

Source: Google

Image Source: Humanware

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