Snapchat’s New ASL Alphabet Lens Inspires Everyone To learn ASL

a young boy copying handshapes from the asl alphabet lens on snapchat

If you are a regular snapchatter, you know how much fun all the lenses can be that come with Snapchat. These lenses offer creative ways in which you and your friends can express themselves to each other. To bring a higher level of accessibility and inclusivity into their lenses ecosystem, Snapchat introduced the ASL Alphabet lens last week to enable its community to learn ASL.

Built in partnership with SignAll, this lens uses Augmented Reality to identify handshapes to fingerspell words. The lens comes with three modes that enable users to learn handshakes, practice fingerspelling, and play games that can help them memorize words.

image shows three different screens from the ASL Alphabet lens - first screen shows ASL Menu, second screen shows a young boy copying a handshape suggested by the else, and this screen shows alphabets.

I tried it myself and was immediately hooked! The lens detects handshapes really well and instantly, making the entire experience seamless and easy. The easiest way to get started with ASL Alphabet is by going into Lenses, clicking Explore and searching for ASL Alphabet or directly from Snap’s website on your phone.

Watch the video below to learn from Jennie, Director of Engineering at Snap AR, ASL Alphabet’s journey and how the Deaf community is helping enhance Augmented Reality and bringing linguistic equity into our society.

Source: Snap

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