Autism Double Checked Prepares Companies To Make Travel For Autistic Individuals Easy

cover of autism awareness guide for kennedy space center showing a rocket launching into space

Just yesterday, LATAM, an airline company out of Santiago, Chile, announced that it is working with Autism Double Checked to train and certify its employees in dealing with and assisting families flying with autistic travelers. The purpose of this process is to continue to foster an environment of inclusivity, respectfulness, and appreciation that emphasizes empathetic assistance towards autistic passengers. LATAM has been publicizing its new initiative on its website and has also made available a guide to assist parents and caregivers of autistic individuals to make their flying experience with LATAM as easy as possible.

Autism Double Checked co-founders Alan Day and David Tait have been making travel easy for autistic individuals for many years now. Through their three levels of readiness, Autism Double Checked has been preparing travel companies to expect the unexpected, be non-judgmental and autism-inclusivity aware and ultimately serve families with special needs better. With three levels of Autism awareness – “Autism Aware, “Autism Ready”, and “Autism Double Checked”, Autism Double Checked helps companies start at smaller levels of awareness and can slowly graduate to higher levels of empathetic assistance for autistic travelers and their families. Here is another example of how Autism Double Checked prepared an Autism Awareness Guide for the Kennedy Space Center.

Recent surveys (source in video below) have suggested that 87% of families with autistic children don’t take vacations. However, 93% of the respondents said they would love to travel more if autism friendly facilities were available to them. And what is that one thing that will boost their confidence in traveling? 95% said “trained staff in autism awareness”, and this is what Autism Double Checked is helping companies accomplish.

Watch the video below and visit to learn more about Autism Double Checked.

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