ABLE FIT Is Creating A Comfortable Fitness Space For Disabled Adults To Workout And Make Friends

Sarah Parison and Lillie Visa, founders of ABLE FIT seen with gym members flexing their muscles!

Two certified speech language pathologists who also happen to be certified fitness trainers are making it easy for disabled adults to get into fitness and strength training.

Sarah Parison and Lillie Visa started ABLE FIT around an year ago in Phoenix, AZ to create a comfortable space for disabled individuals where thy could not only workout but also forge friendships with others in the area. ABLE FIT’s goal is to provide each member with the right support to increase their strength, motor coordination, and confidence.

Some members are autistic while others have Down syndrome or cerebral palsy. “Motor issues make it hard to speak. The gym makes my brain work to form words more easily. Having friends makes my life worthwhile. It has made me happy”, says Kade, a nonspeaking member of the gym. Another member, Leanna, likes going to classes here so she can get stronger for her job at the grocery store. She also likes that she’s met new friends at the gym!

Learn more about ABLE FIT in the video below and check out their website for more information. They also post a lot of content from their classes on their Instagram.

Would you want to start a similar space in your local area? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: CBS Evening News, ABLE FIT

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