Autism & Cooking: 12 Year Old Tanishq With Autism Shares Culinary Skills Through Cooking Channel

Tanishq cooking in the kitchen

Tanishq was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two. As a young child, he was a lot more interested in food shows than cartoons because they were short and repeated. One day, as a five year old, he insisted on helping with cooking in the kitchen and since that day, he developed interest in cooking! As Tanishq cooked, his mother noticed that cooking regularly helped him with his motor skills too.

Now, at the age of twelve, Tanishq has his own cooking channel called Wonderfud on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. He posts regularly and at the time of writing this blog, he has a little over 140 videos of more than 120 varieties of food. His videos are short and sweet yet captivating – it is so wonderful to see this young man cook with so much interest! On his YouTube “About” page, Tanishq mentions his channel is more about his culinary skills and interests rather than recipes. Look at one of his amazing videos below:

Not going to lie – this video really made me drool! Here’s him again making cream cheese!

Do you know kids on the Autism spectrum who love cooking or have culinary interests? Let us know in the comments below, and do give Tanishq a follow!

Source: Autism Parenting Magazine

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