Rollova 2.0 Is An Easy To Use Digital Ruler That Makes Measurements A Breeze

Rollova 2.0 displaying measurement

What is someone’s go to accessory for measuring something? Most likely a tape measure! Whether it’s for measuring space in someone’s living room to make sure a couch fits or to see how wide a shirt is, a tape measure is something that people go for for such purposes. However, tape measures (or rulers and yardsticks!) are manual and require use of both hands in many cases. Moreover, they are usually good for measuring straight distances between point A and B.

Rollova 2.0 aims to make measuring a lot simpler and convenient. Small enough to fit in one’s pocket, its rollover motion can easily measure any surface, be it straight or curvy and at any angle up to 10 meters in metric mode and 83 feet in inches mode. All it takes is pressing the button in the back and running it on the surface. Plus, it requires the use of just one hand.

A large high contrast OLED screen displays the distance measured which is nice for seniors or with someone with low vision. If only it had text to speech that would speak out the measurement to help people with visual impairment but for now, an app like Seeing AI could speak out the number for the user. (A speech update in the future will definitely be nice!)

At the time of writing this post Rollova 2.0 is retailing at Boing Boing for $76.95 and on it’s manufacturer Hozo’s website for $89. (Promo code ROLL20 will save you 20%)

Source: Boing Boing

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