RAZ Memory Cell Phone Is A Simple Phone For Individuals With Alzheimer’s, Dementia Or Other Intellectual Disabilities

Primary screen of RAZ memory phone displaying six contacts. There is an “emergency 911” button on top of the screen.

In 2020, as many as 5.8 million Americans were living with Alzheimer’s Disease and this number is expected to nearly triple to 14 million by 2060.

Alzheimer’s causes memory loss that disrupts daily life, makes it difficult to complete daily tasks, and causes confusion and poor judgement. Many times, these signs result in adults wandering off and getting lost. Not only that, because of disorientation and confusion, a lot of these adults are targeted by predatory scammers and robocalls to obtain financial information.

To help individuals with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or other intellectual disabilities communicate easily with their loved one and to keep them safe from scammers,  RAZ Mobility has created the RAZ Memory Cell Phone – a one touch dial picture phone that keeps everything really simple for seniors. The main screen displays up to six contacts with big pictures – pressing and holding that person’s picture dials their number. The same screen has a large 911 button on the top that the user can press in case of an emergency. 

Contacts on the primary screen can be added and removed by a caregiver through an easy to use portal. The same portal can be used to track the person’s phone/location, disable the power button so the phone stays on all the time, and restrict calls only from contacts, preventing calls from scammers and robocalls. 

Screenshot of RAZ mobile portal

For an optional subscription, the 911 button can be made to dial RAZ emergency services first to reduce unwanted 911 calls. Through this service, a RAZ representative determines if the individual is really in need of help, and calls 911 on behalf of the user.

Watch the video below to learn more about RAZ Memory Cell Phone and its simplicity for adults living with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or other intellectual disabilities.

Website: https://www.razmobility.com/


  1. Dorita (Pat) Patricia Watson December 28, 2021 at 3:13 pm

    I got the cell phone. I set up mintmobile. Now I find out that it is not compatible with service in my area. Nobody told me I had to have a certain kind of service. This was not discussed with me. Mintmobile issued a phone number. I have 3 free months. I apparently need to switch to Verizon as a service provider. This was a Christmas gift and the recipient is very upset. I cannot get through to a live person to discuss this. It is my understanding that I need to send the phone back. Is this correct? At this point, I do not know if this is a bogus company or not.

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