Latest Beta Android Accessibility Suite Allows “Camera Switch” To Control Phone Using Facial Gestures

A person setting up their android phone for facial gestures. Screen shows camera enabled with a blue box around his face with raised eyebrows with label “raise eyebrows”. There are some settings options in the bottom half.

Just a few days ago, Google released the Android 12 beta and with that, the beta version of Android Accessibility Suite app version 12.0.0. One really cool feature that they slid into this version is controlling the phone with facial features!

In the Accessibility Services Suite, there is now a new option to use “Camera Switches” – using several facial gestures to perform various actions without touching the screen. In the beta version, Camera Switches support a few gestures though this list may expand in the future. Facial gestures currently supported are: Open mouth, smile, raise eyebrows, look left, look right, and look up.  These gestures can be associated with several actions like pause camera switch, toggle auto-scan, reverse auto-scan, select, next, previous, touch & hold, scroll forward, scroll backward, home, back, notifications, quick settings, and overview.

Screenshot of camera switches settings screen in android. Lists all the face gesture settings available.

This update should roll out to everyone very soon and should be able to help amputees, someone with paralysis, ALS or anyone else who cannot use their hands to control their phone because of their disabilities.

Let us know what you think of this new ability in the comments below!

Source: XDA

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