Equally AI Partners with Migdal Or – Lighthouse: On Mission to Provide People with Disabilities a Personalized Web Accessibility Experience

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New solution delivers web accessibility for people with disabilities, helps marketing teams, web developers and business owners achieve ADA and WCAG compliance for their websites

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – August 10, 2021 – Equally AI , a web accessibility solution delivering a world-class, secure, convenient, and modern accessibility experience for businesses and beneficiaries, today announces its platform launch.

According to a recent  Pew Research Survey , more than 80 percent of US adults use the internet daily. Unfortunately, it’s estimated that  97.4 percent of websites are not fully accessible , putting more than one billion people with disabilities at a disadvantage and creating a digital divide that’s harming people and businesses.
“Our belief is that everyone, regardless of ability, should experience the web equally,” said Ran Ronen, co-founder of Equally AI. “Our solution was developed in partnership with Migdal Or – which translates to ‘Lighthouse’ in English – one of the nation’s largest organizations for the community of people with blindness or visual impairment. After studying the web experience pains one-on-one extensively, and involving the community in the solution design, we believe we can provide the best possible experience for our solution’s beneficiaries.”
The company is also co-founded by Dani Zeevi, a tech industry veteran who previously managed a software team in an elite intelligence unit of the IDF. On the company’s mission, Zeevi shares: “Equally AI is committed to closing the digital divide caused by inaccessible websites. The company began exploring solutions two years ago by meeting with people with full blindness to observe their experiences and better understand the challenges associated with using the web.”
Building their solution around the ultimate beneficiary experience, the company now provides an automated web accessibility solution that allows businesses, web developers, content creators, and marketers to make accessibility a streamlined part of the brand experience while achieving ADA and WCAG compliance. At Equally AI, any website that becomes accessible is reviewed by the Migdal Or team to make sure it’s fully compliant and has a simple experience for blind and visually impaired people.
“Digital accessibility is essential for independent living and integration in the community and vocational market for blind and visually impaired people. Therefore, we’ve established in Migdal Or a unique team of SW expertise in digital accessibility and legally blind experts in assistive technology that provides a truly comprehensive service to ensure full compliance and seamless user experience. We are thrilled with the opportunity of expanding our impact on digital accessibility by the cooperation with Equally AI,” said Gabi Cohen, the Head of Digital Accessibility Unit, Migdal Or.
Moving forward, it’s clear that web accessibility will be a determining factor in people’s ability to participate in the global economy and increasingly digital-first professional environment. Equally AI’s solution now makes it easier for brands and the marketers that manage their content to more easily integrate a better experience for people with disabilities.
Equally AI’s founding team collectively brings years of tech experience to the mission, allowing the company to create scalable solutions that make the web not just equally accessible but also a seamless and personalized experience.

About Equally AI
Equally AI is an automated web accessibility solution committed to people with disabilities with a simple web experience. Founded by a team of tech veterans, Equally AI delivers a world-class, secure, convenient, and modern accessibility experience for beneficiaries and businesses.
Visit  Equally.AI  for more information and follow the company’s updates on  LinkedIn .

About Migdal Or

Migdal Or – part of the  Northern Goals Association  – is a nationwide multi-service center engaged in functional, vocational, emotional and social rehabilitation of people with blindness or visual impairment. Migdal Or’s vision is that every individual with blindness or visual impairment can successfully realize his or her potential.

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