Extend-A-Roll Is An Extendable Toilet Paper Holder That Can Help People With Physical Disabilities

image of extend-a-roll installed in a bathroom with its arm extended out.

While in the bathroom, something as simple as reaching for the toilet paper can be tricky and sometimes painful for people with physical disabilities. Toilet paper holder is not always installed at the most convenient location in bathrooms – sometimes it’s too far away or in a weird corner that makes you turn back to get to it. If you have back pain or movements like twisting and reaching are limited because of disabilities, this supposed simple task can become quite daunting.

To help with this issue, Ruben Scheimberg invented Extend-A-Roll – a nifty toilet paper accessory that extends toilet paper from any tricky spot in the bathroom. The arm extends up to 22 inches and the holder pivots for easy extraction. Once done, the arm can be pushed back for storage. This eliminates the need for someone reaching out or twisting and turning to get access to toilet paper.

Not only can this be used at homes but also in medical facilities, assisted living facilities, rehab center, and hospitals. If you are traveling in an RV or any vehicle with a toilet, you can install Extend-A-Roll in them too to get the same level of ease and relief when going to the bathroom!

Watch the videos below to see how it works. Extend-A-Roll can be ordered from their website and Amazon.

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