Audible Vision Is A Companion App For Blind People That Helps With Daily Activities

audible vision app detecting a mask on a man. It displays label

According to WHO, there are 285 million people worldwide that are visually impaired and 90% of this population lives in poverty. It goes without saying that visually impaired people face challenges on a daily basis. However, it is also refreshing to see makers and individuals out there building solutions that make a meaningful impact on disabled people’s lives.

One such individual is Aadhar Bhalinge. Aadhar and his team are in the process of building “Audible Vision”, a mobile app that is meant to make life easier for blind individuals by helping them with day to day activities. This app, powered by artificial intelligence does a variety of things.

  1. Smart Text: When pointed at an object, will identify what it is. It even identifies stores when pointed at signage.
  2. Expiry Date: An incredible feature that detects expiry date on products! This is the only app that does this.
  3. Pandemic Safety: Is able to identify how crowded (or not) a person’s immediate surrounding is. This is especially important for blind people since they may want to be socially distanced from others and may not want to be in an environment where social distancing is not possible.
  4. Mask Detector: Detects if a person is wearing a mask or not.
  5. Document: Reads books or text documents
  6. Barcode: Reads barcodes on products to identify them.
  7. Voice controlled: Voice interface on the app allows the user to control the app with voice commands. Responses from the app are also voice and sound based.

In case you’re wondering, artificial intelligence will do all the video and image processing when it comes to detecting objects or people in the immediate environment.

Aadhar’s team is working hard to make Audible Vision a reality. They are determined to make this app available for free with no ads and are currently looking for people to fund this project. The beta app will launch in June 2021, followed by the Android version in August 2021.

Easy access to technology has enabled several makers like Aadhar to make a positive impact by providing useful solutions for the disabled community. If you want to support his vision and project, head to Audible Vision’s Indiegogo page to make a contribution.

Watch the videos below to learn more about Audible Vision.

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