Vermont DMV Is Using UbiDuo3 for Communication Between Hearing and Hard of Hearing People

To  enable deaf and hard of hearing customers to easily and effectively interact with employees, the Vermont DMV has launched the use a device called UbiDUO 3 at all its locations.

The UbiDUO 3 has two keyboards facing each other and small screens that are meant for each person communicating. What one person types on their keyboard can be seen on the other person’s screen immediately and vice versa. This enables face to face conversation between hearing and hard of hearing people without a sign language interpreter.

Flyers have been posted at all locations announcing its availability and all counter supervisors have completed training on how to use this device. A federal grant was used to purchase 11 UbioDuo 3 devices which retail for $2,695.

Do you see a place for UbiDuo3 in your organization to make communication easy between hearing and hard of hearing people?


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