Weetbe Transparent Mask Comes With Filters, Is Anti-Fog And Has A Snap On Fan Module

Six months into the pandemic, one thing that has become a way of life for all of us around the world is wearing a mask when we are out and about. Masks come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles, and for many has also become a fashion accessory. However, it has been clearly established that masks create a communication hindrance for deaf and hard of hearing people who rely on lip reading for communication.  To address this issue, some individuals created transparent masks recently. Weetbe happens to be another transparent mask but with some interesting additional features. (wait, masks can have features?) 

Made out of 100% recyclable material, weetbe comes with two washable/steam sterilizable filters that not only trap airborne particles including viruses but also helps the person breathe 98% clean, purified air.  However, from an accessibility perspective,  what’s really cool is the clear, see through body of the mask that makes it easy for deaf people to read lips. Not only that, this mask is also anti-fog with an air-sealing lining. It gets even more interesting with its ability to snap on a battery operated fan module to itself! This fan can help during exercising and running, and can also help anyone who has trouble breathing with the mask on.

Currently, the Weetbe mask is being funded on Indiegogo with delivery expected worldwide in October 2020. Pricing starts at $29/€25, and €1 is being donated towards finding a cure for Amiotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

Watch the quick video below to see what the Weetbe mask looks like and definitely check out the source link and Indiegogo page for more detailed information and photos.

Source: Yanko Design, Indiegogo

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