Tri Cane Is A Cane That Doubles As A Stool

Many of us love to walk – be it as urban dwellers in the busy streets of a major city, in a park, or on an uneven hiking trail. Walking not only has many health benefits, but it is also good for the soul! However, for many individuals, walking for extended periods of time may not always be possible because of age, stamina, injury or disabilities. They would want to stop periodically to take rest and ideally sit for a few minutes to rest their feet and body. But what if there are no benches or a place to sit in sight?

That’s when Tri Cane can be extremely helpful. Tri Cane is a foldable cane that doubles as a stool. Its slick, modern design includes a unique folding mechanism that quickly unravels a sturdy stool the person can sit on. Because of this feature and its impeccable design, this very handy assistive device becomes a lifestyle item too, providing a feel good factor, boosting users’ confidence and enabling them to go for longer walks without having to worry about exerting or hurting themselves.

Watch the video below to see how it works, and hit the source links to read more about Tri Cane.

Source: Yanko DesignReddot


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