[In]Brace Is A Wearable That Allows Controlling Devices With Your Tongue

For her master’s thesis, Dorothy Clasen created a wearable that just might revolutionize how people with paraplegia and ALS interact within their environments.

The wearable device, called [In]Brace, is a mouthpiece with a little attached magnetic object that can be moved by the user’s tongue. Attached sensors detect movement in that magnetic object, and through a connected wifi module that sits behind the user’s ear, send that information to smart devices to perform actions.

In the video below, you will see how Dorothy uses [In]Brace to play a pong style video game, controlling the paddle very precisely using just her tongue.

There are several potential uses for [In]Brace. A paraplegic person could use their smart phone with their tongue, operate devices like smart coffee makers or bulbs in their house, and do similar other activities that typically require the use of hands or voice (for example, telling Alexa to turn on or off lights). It can also be used in physiotherapy to motivate patients to re-train their tongue movement.

For future versions of [In]Brace, Clasen is considering reducing the size of it, and also including the wifi module and battery within the mouthpiece.

Hit the source link to learn about [In]Brace in detail.

Source: Design Boom

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