Google Maps Will Now Show Wheelchair Accessible Places

There’s good news for wheelchair users. On May 21, Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Google announced that Google Maps will now show places that are wheelchair accessible, and users will be able to find such places effortlessly without taking any extra steps. All they have to do is turn on the “Accessible Places” feature in their settings.

With this setting turned on, Google Maps will show a wheelchair icon next to places and users will be able to get more details as well like whether the place has wheelchair accessible entrance, parking lot, elevator, restroom, and seating. Such information is typically added by other guests to these locations. Android users have been doing this for a long time and very soon iOS users will be able to add this information too.

Watch the short video below to learn more about this feature.

Source: Google



  1. Will the maps show the presence of induction loops as well?

  2. My husband is now in a wheelchair and this is terrific news for wheelchair users.

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