T-Pull Door Closer Makes Opening & Closing Doors Easy For People With Disabilities

a man in a motorized wheelchair seen pulling on the t-pull door closer attached to a door.

T-Pull Door Closer Makes Opening & Closing Doors Easy For People With Disabilities

For able bodied people, opening and closing a door is something that is never considered a chore. It’s easily done every time without putting much thought to it – grab the door knob/handle and push or pull it. Simple! However, for people who use wheelchairs, walkers or crutches, this so called simple activity can be a reason for frustration in many cases, resulting in delays and strained muscles because of uncomfortable reach for the knob or handle. Something simple immediately becomes a barrier.

T-Pull Door Closer is a simple yet very effective low tech assistive technology device that attaches to any door in a peel and stick fashion and allows people with disabilities to close doors easily without any physical strain or loss of dignity. This door closer is made from durable high density plastic parts that can be used on most types of doors (not recommended for glass or fire doors) either indoors or outdoors. The long, extended arm swivels so it can be grabbed and pulled from any position, and can be easily away when done using. The adhesive is very strong and can withstand extreme temperatures for many years.

T-Pull Door Closer retails for $41.99 on Amazon but is currently listed at $29.99 on their website. Check out the video below to see how it works.

Website: https://t-pull.com/


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