SignVote.Org Helps Deaf Voters Participate In Election Process

In order to inform, educate and engage deaf voters in the community to participate without any frustrations, and ultimately increase voter engagement, the Communication Service for the Deaf recently made elaborate expansions to to its SignVote campaign.

SignVote is a non partisan platform that hosts a myriad of accessible resources in ASL that remove hurdles for deaf voters by educating them in content developed using ASL. CSD says that a lot of eligible deaf voters do not have access to accessible content that helps them for informed decisions. SignVote has an archive of ASL content, including FAQs that will clear some very fundamental doubts someone may have, and allow them to participate in the electoral process in a better and confident manner.

SignVote will be generating a lot of content this year and sharing via social media and emails. The inspiration behind SignVote is a lot of delayed and inaccurate captioning (if available) in the past that leaves a lot of deaf voters frustrated and drained.

Watch this video to learn more about SignVote and head to to access ASL content!

Source: The Hill

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