Y-Brush Could Help People With Disabilities Maintain Oral Hygiene With Ease

close up of y brush resting on its charger. There's another device, that looks like a travel kit, is right next to it.

A new oral device in the market, Y-Brush, may be able to help people with disabilities and seniors maintain daily oral hygiene.

Created by the French company FasTeesH, Y-Brush is a flexible retainer with nylon bristles that fits your teeth, one set at a time (lower and upper). To use, you just add some toothpaste of your choice in the retainer, insert it in your mouth and bite on it for five seconds. After five seconds, once the teeth are cleaned, you flip it over and repeat it to brush the other set of your teeth. The Y-Brush comes with a charging stand, and one full charge lasts about a month.

how to use y-brush: add any toothpaste of your choosing, place y-brush in your mouth, turn it on  chew for 5 seconds, and flip, repeat  rinse.

The Y-Brush kit costs $125, and the brush head, which is recommended be changed every six months, costs $30. The brush is available in two sizes -small and medium.

Source: Engadget

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