Simple Smartphone – An Easier Way to Stay Connected

Whether the text is too small, the meaning of the icons are hard to identify and remember, or one finds themself making accidental calls because of the complexity of modern smartphones, Simple Smartphone may be a helpful solution.

Simple Smartphone strips down the complicated features of a typical smartphone while leaving all of the convince and connection that a smartphone can provide. This device is great for a wide audience including people with cognative disabilities, people with fine motor skill disabilities, and seniors.

It automates software updates and cuts out many of the nonessential apps that IOS and Android now include out-of-the-box such as Wallet, iMovie, Stocks, etc. It also adds all photos – both photos received through text and those captured by the phone’s camera – in one folder. This prevents the scenario of forgetting where a photo is located or needing to remember to save it.

Enlarged text and buttons as well as descriptions next to most icons are other features that make this phone simple. The phone also has a feature called Long Click. This functionality only responds to deliberate clicks and works to ignore accidental taps and brushes to help users have more control over their device.

Simple Smartphone also adds a layer of support with a VIP support team and Family App. Users can easily call support to get assistance using the phone 24/7. The Family App enables users to choose family members to have¬†access to certain information such as device location, battery status and emergency information. Designated family members can also assist the phone’s owner to change settings, add new contacts, and set up safe areas remotely. If designated family members believe the users is in an emergency, they can call the phone and trigger an automatic answer on speakerphone to easily communicate with the user.

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