See this Poop-Scooper Robot in Action

Nobody likes picking up poop, but for some people with disabilities, this activity can be difficult or impossible. With Beetl Robotic’s Poop-Scooper prototype, this challenge may soon be a thing of the past.

The robot slowly drives around your yard (think Roomba) while uploading images of the area to the cloud. There, it uses a spacial recognition algorithm to easily identify the poop and relay the information back to the robot. Once the robot has identified the poop, it will scoop it up, seal it in a compostable bag, and drop it off at an in-ground bin – that’s included with the robot – when full.

The robot also comes with a separate camera to install in an area that has a good view of your yard, like a fence, porch, or the side of your house. This allows the robot to have an aerial view of the area. With the camera, you mark the border of your lawn and other boundary areas where the robot should not go.

Here are a few demo videos from Beetl Robotics:

The Beetle Robotics team also created a second version of this prototype that adds the functionality of a lawn mower. Although these are both still in the prototype phase, we hope to see more developments and a product launch from the team soon!


  1. Where can you buy one ..

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