Avaz Reader Helps Children With Dyslexia Read At Their Own Pace

MDA Avaz Reader, built in association with the Madras Dyslexia Association, is an app that helps and encouragesĀ children with Dyslexia to read independently by offering various features and techniques, and a clean, distraction free interface.

A user can either take photos of a physical book and upload them to the app or even upload existing pdf files. Once uploaded, the app identifies text in the images and prepares itself to read words aloud to the user as and when needed. The app has a very useful “pencil” icon that enables finger reading. As the user drags their finger under every word, the pencil icon underlines each word so the user can follow along and keep track. This feature helps with hand-eye coordination and lowers convergence difficulties. If the reader has difficulty pronouncing a word, the “hint” section shows several visual cues for what that word is, and also pronounces it out loud. There is also an “Auto-Read” feature that reads all the text out loud while also highlighting each word, thereby encouraging sight reading. In order to make reading completely distraction free, the app removes background images and also focusses on single lines.

The app comes with a 15 day trial after which it is available for a per month, six month, and annual basis. Annual subscription is $14.99, 6 month is $9.99 and monthly is $1.99 respectively.

Watch the video below to see how the app works. You can download MDA Avaz Reader for both Android and iOS devices.

Source: The Hindu

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