Nike Announces Air Zoom UNVRS Shoes For People With Special Needs

photo of nike air zoom unvrs

Continuing their trend of making shoes that works for everyone, Nike just announced a  new shoe that’s easy to take on and off for people with disabilities. The Air Zoom UNVRS was created keeping in mind WNBA player Delle Donne for basketball games and someone  like her sister Lizzie, who has cerebral palsy and autism, and is also deaf and blind.

The shoe uses Nike’s FlyEase system that uses special material, is lace free and has an expandable opening. This shoe also has a magnetized heel that makes it easy for people to slide their foot in effortlessly, and then immediately closes when  the foot is all the way in. There is also a strap in the back that allows the shoe to fit snugly. In order for a shoe to be classified as FlyEase, it has to meet at least two of the following three criteria: easy open and close, easy to get in and out of, accommodates different foot shapes and sizes

Watch the video below to learn more about the Air Zoom UNVRS and the inspiration behind it. This shoe will be available in November.

Source: Delaware Online, Nike


  1. Where can I purchase these shoes from?

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