DisabilityTech Kickstarter HealthWhale is the newest HIPAA Compliant Database for the Disabled Community

Cashel Enterprises, LLC (DE) has launched a Kickstarter for their new product HealthWhale, the next best thing in Disability Technology. HealthWhale, which is being released online and is soon to be released via mobile app, is designed for anyone who suffers a disabling event which classifies them for short-term, long-term or social security benefits for an extended period of time (including pregnancy)! HealthWhale records important medical information for the patient then turns the information into usable information for applications to disability and enables electronic transfer via user-friendly online scan and fax tools.

Applicants for both short- and long-term disability face an uphill battle when applying for their benefits. The Surgeon General issued a Call to Action to improve the health and wellness of disabled persons by, for example, improving access to healthcare with technology. HealthWhale is designed to eliminate the confusion caused by complex forms by streamlining the information gathering process and automatically categorizing the information needed for the applications. These documents can be shared directly with caregivers, doctors and insurance companies directly from the platform, with a timestamp that appears to verify receipt.

HealthWhale was developed by Emily Cashel. In 2015, when Emily was 24 she was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor that after surgery and stroke, was diagnosed as a Stage III Anaplastic Astrocytoma. Her struggle to receive and maintain her disability benefits led her to partner with her team to create and develop HealthWhale – an online program inspired by the user-friendly process of TurboTax, but for insurance disability.

For further questions or statements please contact emily@healthwhale.org or to donate go to her Kickstarter page!

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