Music Therapy Program At Center for Discovery For People With Autism

Two actors seen on stage during Beauty And The Beast at the Center For Discovery Beauty And The Beast at the Center For Discovery

“Oh I love acting. I love being theatrical” – Tommy Abelson

Tommy Abelson, 36, has Autism. He is one of the 1200 residents and patients at the Center for Discovery location near Hurleyville, New York attending a music therapy program geared towards people with Autism and other complex conditions. The Center, founded in 1948, works with  people with complex conditions and employs latest research to come up with new treatments and interventions that can change the outcome for individuals and their families.

The Center has a beautiful campus at Catskill Mountains in New York where some of the residents live. The campus grows its own food organically which tremendously helps the residents and makes a positive impact on their health. A 2015 study found out that people on the autism spectrum disorder are at a greater risk of gastrointestinal concerns. Because of healthy diet and a low stress rural environment, individuals at the Center are healthier and happier.

The Center recently participated in another study titled “The Microbiome Gut Brain Axis Study” with Columbia University and the Baylor College School of Medicine, the results of which will be published next year.

The music therapy program is a huge differentiator for the Center, and is a significant part of its success. Not only do individuals get to participate in music and theater productions and get to shine on stage, they also get to connect and collaborate with others who are very similar to them. It allows everyone to be in a place where they get to be a part of something that’s big, and contribute significantly to a greater common goal, which is to put together a bi theatrical production.

Watch the video below to learn more about the music therapy program and the New York campus.

Source: ABC News

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