Music: Not Impossible Is A “Vibro-Tactile” Suit That Lets Deaf People Enjoy Music Through Vibrations

A series of Music: Not Impossible suits seen hanging. The music: not impossible suit can help deaf people experience music through vibrations

Vibrations play a very significant role in a deaf person’s life, especially when it comes to music. Thanks to the Music: Not Impossible suit (M:NI), listening to music, especially at concerts became even more enjoyable for deaf people.

The suit consists of a vest and wearables on the wrists and ankles. Music is sent to the suit wirelessly, which is then converted to vivid vibrations which can be felt by the person wearing it. So, instead of transmitting vibrations through the ear, it is transmitted through the skin!

The vibrations are quite distinct – different instruments send out vibrations to various parts of the body, not just one. So, vibrations related to drum beats could start with your ankle and go up through your leg. Similarly, a bass line could be going up and down your lower back, and a harp could be moving across your chest. Through these vibrations, deaf people can really experience music holistically.

Watch the video below to learn more about the suit, and to see people’s reactions who tried it.

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Source: Futurism

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